Semantic Dependency Parsing

Semantic Dependency Parsing



Semantic Dependency Parsing aims at representing the semantic relationship between tokens in a sentence as a graph.

How to Use

Apply for Auth

We are hosting a non-commercial API service and you are welcome to apply for an auth keyopen in new window. An auth key is a password which gives you access to our API and protects our server from being abused.

Create RESTful Client

Create a HanLPClientopen in new window:

      from hanlp_restful import HanLPClient
# Fill in your auth
HanLP = HanLPClient('', auth=None, language='mul')



Set tasks='sdp' to perform SDP:

HanLP('''In 2021, HanLPv2.1 delivers state-of-the-art multilingual NLP techniques to production environments.
2021年 HanLPv2.1为生产环境带来次世代最先进的多语种NLP技术。''', tasks='sdp')


Native APIs

Please refer to docsopen in new window.

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